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Leica Q2 'Ghost' by Hodinkee

Limited to 2,000 Pieces Worldwide

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Leica Camera AG in partnership with Hodinkee, one of the leading platforms for watches and cutting-edge horology, announces a new special edition: Leica Q2 “Ghost” by Hodinkee.

This release expands on the successful collaboration between the two brands which began in 2019, with the introduction of the special edition Leica M10-P “Ghost”.

The timeless design of the Leica Q2 “Ghost” by Hodinkee pays tribute to an iconic diving watch known among connoisseurs as “Ghost Bezel”. Leica designers together with Hodinkee have partnered to create an elegant, discreet coloring for this Q2 special edition model, paying homage to the legendary classic watch with its rare grey bezel and providing creators with an alternative color scheme of the sought-after camera.

The stylish grey leather covering made of fine cowhide with a natural texture is provided with a special coating to reliably protect the Leica Q2 “Ghost” by Hodinkee against environmental influences. The top cover and lens are painted in an unobtrusive light grey while the red Leica logo has been deliberately omitted. Additionally, the special edition includes a woven grey yarn carrying strap with a stable key ring binding.

The Leica Q2 “Ghost” by Hodinkee has identical technical specifications to the Q2 serial model.

This special edition will be limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide.

Key Benefits:

  • Color scheme similar to the very successful Leica M10-P "Ghost Edition” in light grey finish
  • White engraving, grey buttons and silver dials
  • Full grain cowhide armoring: Grey color, natural texture and special coating to protect it against environmental influences
  • Comfortable and practical: carrying strap woven round from gray thread with sturdy key ring binding
  • No red Leica logo on the front of the camera

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