Artisan & Artist* ACAM 316G Gradation Silk Neck Strap - Black/Khaki



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  • In order to create a delicate gradation of colors, it requires sophisticated techniques of experienced artisans based on accurate calculation of each silk thread that is dyed in different color ratios before weaving them. In addition, it is even more difficult to manufacture a camera strap where the gradation patterns appear symmetrical when the strap hangs down from the neck, hence production was said to be difficult; however after many years of trial and error with the artisans, we have finally realized this item.

    A new technique called “Hiramaru-Karagumi” was developed and used to weave this high-quality camera strap with a beautiful gradation of colors. By inserting a core string, also woven with silk, at the core of the “Hira-Karagumi,” one of the traditional weaving techniques that is durable with high density, the weave becomes “Hiramaru-Karagumi”. It further excels in strength, and makes the cross-section of the strap oval, providing a stress-free user experience with a gentle feel around the neck.

    • Color: Black and Khaki
      Length: 38.19 in | 970 mm (+/- 5)
      Width: .4 in | 10 mm  
      Material: Japanese Silk, Leather (Italian)

      Steel ring type attachment system with leather protection flaps to prevent the rings from scratching the camera body.

      Weight 1.2 oz | 34 g

      Compatible with Leica M, CL, X System Cameras, Leica Q (Typ 116), Q2, and Q3 or any other similar camera with key ring style eyelet attachment lugs.

      Country of Origin:

      Made in Japan

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