AO x Red Dot Wear Mid-Century M (Ebony) Small Convex Soft Release

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1954, the height of the mid-century modern era, the birth year of the Leica M rangefinder. The Mid-Century M Soft Release, made by Artisan Obscura for Red Dot Wear, is carved out of solid ebony wood with a threaded brass attachment. 

  • Made out of Gaboon Ebony
  • 11mm wide
  • Short post thread fits all M cameras
  • Convex style allows you to wrap your finger around the soft release and stabilize the camera

Artisan Obscura uses natural woods to make their products, therefore no single soft shutter release button is the same. Every button has a distinct grain and tone that promises that yours will be unique. All products are 100% hand-made in Denver, Colorado.

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