"Celebration of Photography" Analog Photo Assignment

We encourage you to pick up an analog film camera - whether it's your own or borrowed from a friend (doesn't have to be a Leica!). Why? For the passion of making a photograph in the most authentic way possible. 

Between now and November 15th, 2022, stop by Leica Store Miami to pick up a complimentary roll of Ilford HP5 and participate in our Celebration of Photography Analog Photo Assignment.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick up your complimentary roll of Ilford HP5 at Leica Store Miami (One roll per participant.)

  2. Document the city using your Ilford HP5 (Doesn't have to be a Leica - any 35mm camera will do!)

  3. Drop off your exposed film at Leica Store Miami by end of day November 15, 2022 for complimentary development (provided by Dale Labs)

  4. Come back to the store for a "Celebration of Photography" Print Share event on November 17th at 7 PM to pick up your film and share your images and experiences with others who participated.