Fly Me to the S

An Exclusive, VIP Experience with Leica S

Leica Store Miami is pleased to announce our new “Fly Me to the S” program. Spend a day in Miami accompanied by one of Leica Store Miami’s S-System specialists: a VIP, one-on-one experience. David Farkas and Josh Lehrer are two of the leading experts worldwide on the Leica S-system. Between them are years of experience and thousands of images shot with both the Leica S2 and the new Leica S (Typ 006). In addition, they operate Red Dot Forum, one of the leading S-System resources on the web and have traveled the country to demonstrate the system. 

With David or Josh accompanying you during the day, you will be photographing with the Leica S while receiving first-class instruction about the camera’s features and functions. This unique opportunity gives you the ability to thoroughly test out the system while making meaningful images, with an expert along to answer all your questions.

If you elect to purchase a new S-System camera, Leica Store Miami will reimburse you up to $350 for the cost of your flight to see us and $150 for one night at a hotel. Plus, you will enjoy the day’s meals and transportation on us! 

Customized, Unique, One-On-One.

Each experience is uniquely tailored to the individual user. You tell us what interests you: fashion photography with professional models, landscape photography in the Everglades, travel and street photography in the heart of Miami Beach, and more. Leica Store Miami will arrange the full day of shooting and handle all logistics. 

We will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the Leica Store (or hotel first if needed), where you will be outfitted with your Leica S loaner kit.  The day’s itinerary will be discussed and fine-tuned. Think of it as a one-on-one workshop custom designed to suit what interests you, all while using one of the best camera systems in the world. 

Interested in Visiting Us?

To learn more about our Fly Me to the S program, or schedule a date with our Leica S experts, give Leica Store Miami a call at 305-921-4433 or email

The Fine Print

To receive a credit on your purchase invoice for your flight (up to $350) and hotel stay (up to $150) copies of your airline and hotel receipts are required. Leica Store Miami is not responsible for any travel costs beyond $350 for the flight and $150 for the hotel.  

Leica Store Miami will cover the day’s meals along with handling transportation to and from the airport/hotel and around Miami during the day. 

Lodging and meals beyond the day of shooting and one night at the hotel are not covered by Leica Store Miami.

A credit for your flight and hotel is only issued when a new Leica S (Typ 006) camera is purchased from Leica Store Miami within 30 days of your departure.

Any specific equipment requests need to be made when your day with us is scheduled. Leica Store Miami has a wide range of Leica S gear available for use, and can accommodate special requests as well.