Amber T800 Tungsten Balanced Color Negative Movie Film (35mm Roll Film, 27 Exposures, C-41, Non-DX)

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PLEASE NOTE : This film is in NON-DX CODED cartridges. A DX CODE STICKER is included with each roll for use in cameras that require one.

Amber T800 800 ISO Color Negative Movie Film 35mm x 27exp. is a motion picture film that gives distinct colors and looks when used in different lighting conditions. It becomes a cool blue tone when shot in daylight. It requires standard C-41 processing, which is a common and affordable option for lab processing. Please note that this film is not DX-coded. Kindly attach the DX code sticker on the film cassette as illustrated when using an automatic camera. 


Movie film with remjet layer removed
Daylight balanced
ISO 800
C-41 or ECN-2 Process
Not DX Coded - DX code sticker included

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