Arte di Mano 120cm Extra Long Comodo Neck Strap - Barenia Tan



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  • The Arte di Mano Comodo 120cm (47.24in) extra long neck strap is perfect for your Leica M or X system camera. Made of impressible tanned leather, the strap is soft to the touch with a "broke-in" feeling. Features end guard flaps to help protect the camera's top plate from scratching and a sewn shoulder pad. Hand-made in Korea by master leather artisans, this soft leather strap will help transport your Leica to your next destination with ease and style.

    About the Leather: Made famous by Hermes, Barenia by HAAS is a hybrid tanned French leather using both vegetable and chrome tanning processes. Although it has a matte finish, it is oily to touch and has a very smooth feel. What better way to carry your Leica than with a neck strap hand made with Hermes leather?

    About Arte di Mano: Arte di Mano, a brand created by JnK in Seoul, South Korea has become synonymous with quality. Their half cases for the Leica M, X, T and Q systems are made entirely by hand. Each piece of leather is carefully cut, shaped and stitched to create a flawlessly-fitting half case that improves your hold without hindering any functionality of the camera.

    Custom Options: JnK offers numerous customizing options for their Arte di Mano cases and straps including: custom strap lengths and exotic leather. Check out our Arte di Mano Custom Ordering Guide and Inspiration Page.

    **Due to the properties of the leather and the handmade nature of Arte di Mano products, each neck strap is unique and may vary slightly from the item pictured.**

    • Sewn in shoulder pad
    • End guard flaps to protect camera’s top plate
    • White Stitching
    • For use with Leica M, X, Q and D-Lux (Typ 109) System Cameras.
    • Can be adapted to fit the Leica T (Typ 701) with a Leica or Match Technical Strap Lug Kit
    • 120 cm (47.24 in) long

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