Artisan & Artist* ACAM 272 Leather Strap - Black


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  • By popular demand, Artisan & Artist* have created a sequel to their popular tapered strap. This strap is made of the same soft leather and it has an enhanced grey suede underside, however it also is far more stylish with alligator patterning that matches nicely with early SM and M vulcanite.

    This is the perfect strap to use with a classic Leica M, a thread mount Leica or a black paint body with glossy enamel finish. At medium length, the Alligator Pattern Strap allows the camera to hang at chest height comfortably and secures the camera from swinging too low or into harms way. As seen on all Artisan & Artist* straps, special top plate protectors keep the steel rings from coming in contact with the cosmetics of the camera while making a sure-fit with the camera lugs with plenty of room to pivot as needed. You won't find yourself ever tangled in the Alligator Pattern Strap!

    • 37" Long
    • 0.39" to 0.66" Wide (tapered)
    • Alligator pattern soft leather with gray suede underside
    • Steal rings for secure link to camera
    • End guard flaps to protect cameras top plate from scratching
    • For use with Leica M or X System Cameras

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