Artisan & Artist* ACAM 306A Silk Neck Strap - Red



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  • For thousands of years, a special breed of artists in Japan have made silk cords of exceptional strength, texture and beauty

    These KUMIHIMO artists are known throughout the world for making braided straps for use on the battle armor and swords of the feared Samurai warriors. Artisan & Artist* has revived this classic art by employing specialists who weave these steely cameras straps by the traditional methods. The length of this strap can be shortened by tying loose knots in it, which also helps keep the camera positioned firmly in front of you without sliding back and forth on one's neck. Artisan & Artist* has discovered quite an invention in the Silk Cord Strap!

    The smooth silk texture of the cord is comfortable on your neck, even in hot weather because the material breathes with your body temperature. The strong braids are nearly unbreakable for those worried that their camera will one day hit the deck due to a frayed camera strap. That simply won't happen with the Silk Cord Strap, one of the most unique camera restraints in the world!


    New Features


    1. Smaller ring attachment and changed from brass to stainless steel to enhance flexibility. This improves the maneuverability and reduces strain on your fingertips when attaching or detaching the strap from the camera


    2. New, smoother leather attachment


    3. Triangle camera protection flap redesigned


    4. Foil-stamped logo print more refined through a new printing technology


    5. Red color strap more vivid



    • Dimensions & Specs

      • Color:  Red
      • Length:  47 1/4 in | 1200mm (+/- 5)
      • Diameter: .3 in | 7.7 mm  
      • Material: Japanese Silk, Leather (Italian)
      • Hardware: Steel ring type attachment system with leather protection flaps to prevent the rings from scratching the camera body.
      • Compatibility: Compatible with Leica M, CL, X System Cameras, Leica Q (Typ 116), Q2, and Q3 or any other similar camera with key ring style eyelet attachment lugs.
      • Country of Origin: Made in Japan



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