Customized 1-on-1 Sessions with John Latimer | Image review, post processing and more!

$175 per hour

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  • Customized 1-on-1 Sessions with John Latimer

    Leica Store Miami is excited to offer virtual, customized 1-on-1 photography sessions with photographer/instructor John Latimer. These sessions are designed for photographers of all levels. During these remote sessions, you'll be able to address any photography related questions that you might have or techniques that that you'd like to learn including but not limited to:

    • photography 101+
    • composition
    • image review
    • photo editing / selection
    • post processing (either with you or for you)
    • color concepts

    John will custom tailor these sessions to your needs, your interests and your pace. Unlike a group class, this teaching style is all about you. You may purchase as many sessions as you need but scheduling restrictions may apply. Just tell John what you're interested in learning and he'll take it from there!


    Purchases are non-refundable and must be used within 30 days from the time of purchase. Scheduling will be done on a first come, first served basis in coordination with John Latimer. There will be a limited number of sessions available each week.

    Questions about the 1-on-1 sessions

    If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 305-921-4433 or send us an email. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • Session Topics to Consider

    Photography 101+:
    These sessions are fundamental photography training sessions. Whether you are a complete novice and want to jump-start the control of your new camera system or if you have been shooting for a while and want to take further control of your system and explore new camera techniques. These sessions are highly adaptable to the student's experience level and subject interest. In his experience teaching college photography classes, John has taught every level of photographic practice, so nothing is too basic, and challenges are welcome! Just think of John as your private photo educator. John will connect with you via video chat and, as needed, screen shares.
    Editing Sessions (Education):
    When you select Education Editing Sessions, John will connect to your computer like in other training sessions; however, the goal is for John to edit a selection of your images as you watch. In this manner, John can describe what he is doing and why he is choosing the ideas and tools he does. There are many aspects of this service. First is to have the client understand the potential of their raw files, and second is to show how to think about and execute within the Develop Module in Lightroom or how to edit in Photoshop as the client prefers; John can also edit the same image in multiple versions to show how one image might be interrupted in different editing styles.
    Editing Sessions (service):
    When you select Service Editing Sessions, you will send John a selection of images and a brief note about what your desired look for each image would be, and John will remotely do what John does best and edit your images for you. This service is for those who don't care to learn the editing process but want their images brought to life; whether that is via subtle craft or bold exploration, it is up to you. John owned and operated a fine art print studio for many years, refining client images for prints that would hang in many of the nation's finest galleries and museums. He now offers this editing service without the printing to our clients.

    Color Concepts:
    This session will cover the basics of Color Theory, just enough to give the photographer a powerful tool to think about utilizing color actively in making images, but not so deep as to overwhelm. As part of the session, John will also go over color editing in Lightroom, from basic edits to advanced, as appropriate to the level of the student's skills. John will connect to your computer and primarily focus on your images, though he will also use some demonstration images.
    Composition Concepts:
    This session will cover the basics and beyond of Composition. Learn to create stronger compositions in the field by analyzing your existing images and demonstration images John provides. Perspective, Angles, Use of Line, Frame Balance, Direction of Energy, Lens Choice, etc. will all be discussed. During the session, John will also go over cropping in Lightroom to explore unseen options in existing images. John will connect to your computer and primarily focus on your images, though he will also use some demonstration images.
    Image Reviews:
    Think of image reviews as an informal portfolio critic. John will look through a selection of your work and offer an analysis of where your strengths are and where you could look at exploring new techniques or improve on existing ones. There is no need to be nervous or feel judged as these sessions focus not on your past intentions and skills but instead on thinking about shooting in the future with more informed choices. John will connect to your computer and look solely at your selection of images.

  • About John

    John Latimer is a photographer and print maker who has been teaching photography as a professor at various institutions including Rochester Institute of Technology, Appalachian State University, and College of DuPage for the last 18 years. He is the principal instructor of Leica Store Miami's Lightroom for Leica Boot Camp series. John’s clients have included Bloomingdale’s, The British Museum of Art at Yale University, The George Eastman House, Jerry Uelsmann, Maggie Taylor, Carl Chiarenza and other nationally recognized photographers. His personal work is in the permanent collection of the South East Museum of Photography. John resides in the mountains of Boone, NC with his wife and dogs. Beyond photography, John’s other interests include travel and cooking/food.

  • Testimonials

    Here is what our customers are saying about these custom sessions:

    "I am a self-taught Lightroom and Photoshop user.  Although I am usually pleased with my results, I felt I could be learning more and improving my processing.  John is an excellent teacher and listener.  He assessed my skill level to ensure we started the first lesson at an appropriate level.  He is very clear and thorough in his explanations and demonstrations of processes and techniques.  I have learned quite a bit from John and my processing shows it.  I plan to schedule more sessions." - Bryan S.

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