Frame-Lighter for Rangefinders by DAG



No Longer Available

Discontinued - Available while supplies last

The Frame-Lighter is a small, hot-shoe mounted LED light source designed to brightly illuminate the frame lines, regardless of available light, of any analog or digital M rangefinder camera.

Do note, the Frame-Lighter is not compatible with the M (Typ 240), M10 and all models based on those platforms as those cameras do not have a frame line illumination window.

Before the M (Typ 240) was introduced featuring LED-illuminated frame lines, and still today with Leica's analog M bodies, rangefinder cameras relied on available light to illuminate the frame lines in the viewfinder. The Frame-Lighter slides into the hot shoe and features a small LED light source that projects directly into the frame line illumination window, dramatically increasing the visibility of the projected frame line set. This is especially useful for glasses-wearers, or photography in dimly-lit situations.

As a low production, handmade item by legendary Leica technician DAG Camera, each Frame-Lighter may vary slightly in its appearance and is designed purely for functionality, not aesthetic perfection.

Operation is simple, thanks to a single button on the top of the Frame-Lighter that, by default, keeps the LED lit for one minute. A small hole in the back of the unit contains an adjustment screw. Turn clockwise for longer illumination, and counter clockwise for shorter. A single, user-replaceable CR1/3N 3 volt powers the device.

Weight: 41 grams

Length: 42mm

Width: 40mm

Height: 16mm

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