Isaac Zapata: Miami AF | Landscapes & Gangsters, 2023 Signed

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Miami Auto Focus, a savvy fusion of history and photography, weaving stories of famous Miami Gangsters with stunning images of the landscapes they once roamed.

Photographed on both film and digital, the collection of images within are quirky, beautiful, sad, happy and most of all thought provoking. This harmonious blend of analog and digital adds a dynamic visual dimension to the book, creating a compelling juxtaposition that engages the reader on multiple levels. The images and stories within are presented geographically, tracking the city from East to West, and laid out in chronological order. The combination of innovative photography techniques and cutting-edge print and storytelling techniques truly sets this book apart, making it a masterful fusion of artistic vision and technical expertise.




-111 pages, 84 images

-20.32 x 29.21 cm / 8X11.5 US

-Adhesive case wrap

-80 LB Gloss 455 ppi 95 Opacity

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