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The new Komaru Satin is an evolution of the original Komaru Raw; with a smooth but glossy finish with no milling marks and an improved engraving on the underside.

Don’t forget that the aim of a soft release is to enhance precision and stability at release, sometimes gaining more than one aperture stop. Up until now, soft release buttons were either concave or convex, depending on the manufacturer. For the first time, Komaru is offering a dual contour button, convex on the outside and concave in the center. This more ergonomic solution is inspired by the keys on a flute, both domed and hollowed out to provide a better fit with the musician's fingertip. In this way Komaru instinctively and immediately centers the finger, and therefore the release pressure. Each Komaru is 15mm in diameter.

Komaru offers better thread locking, due to the unique hardness of titanium TA6V. The thread cannot be misthreaded and can be screwed in tightly. This reduces the risk of unscrewing through vibration (leading to loss of the soft release). What's more, Komaru's short conical thread is compatible with all bodies, old or new, such as the latest Leica M models.

Titanium and the skin go together hand and hand. Hypoallergenic, it is used in medical applications but also jewelry for its sensual contact and because its surface, insensitive to perspiration, always remains flawless.

KOMARU ('little circle' in Japanese) is a titanium soft release button with an innovative dual contour. Each Komaru is individually machined, partly by hand, in an aeronautical-grade engineering workshop in Toulouse (France).

*Cameras for illustration purpose only - not included.

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