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Leica S (type 006) Set - 70mm (non-CS) Lens, H-Adapter

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  • The Leica S (Typ 006) + Leica Summarit-S 70mm f/2.5 ASPH + Leica S-Adapter H kit combines Leica’s top-of-the-line medium format digital camera body with one of the most versatile lenses in the Leica S-System along with an adapter that allows the user to mount almost any Hasselblad H-series lens and maintain full auto focus and electronic aperture control. The Leica S (Typ 006) is a 37.5 megapixel medium format digital SLR that merges superb image quality with a fully weather and dust sealed body designed from scratch to be ergonomic and straightforward to use. This kit will allow you to immediately begin your photographic adventure; simply add a memory card and start shooting. With the included adapter, the S-System becomes considerably expanded for users with access to Hasselblad H lenses.
  • The next generation in the successful line, the Leica S offers increased imaging quality and sensor sensitivity, predictive autofocus, higher speed and improved handling. Numerous enhanced functions contribute to the camera's further acceleration and greater security of the professional photographic workflow.


    The outstanding imaging quality of the Leica S is not attributable to any single system component. Every single component is optimized to perfection, but its true powers are shown by their interaction. Decisive proof of this can be seen in the 37.5 megapixel CCD image sensor, specially developed for Leica, with micro lens shift and an infrared filter, which - together with the extremely high performance of the Maestro processor - ensures that creative ideas always lead to outstanding images.


    A fast processor alone is not enough to ensure high data throughput. You also need fast and large buffer memory. Boosting the Leica S's buffer to 2 GB means accelerated image processing across the board; however, its essential purpose is supporting long image sequences in continuous shooting mode. The Leica S can store up to 32 DNG files with lossless compression, or 28 uncompressed DNG files, at a full consecutive shooting speed of 1.5 fps, before the buffer is filled. In JPEG mode, the length of the consecutive shooting sequence is only limited by the capacity of the memory card.


    The new Leica S was developed in cooperation with professional photographers to meet their requirements. Besides image quality, reliability, and ease of use, the focus was on photographic versatility. A dust and spray water protected camera body, the dual shutter system consisting of a focal plane and central shutter, and an extended ISO range for perfect adaptation to existing light, form the basis of the large range of photographic applications that the new Leica S masters: from advertising photography, through fashion, photo journalism, to nature and travel photography.


    The Leica S combines the dimensions of a 35mm SLR with the imaging quality of the medium format. Thanks to its ergonomic handgrip with improved anti-slip characteristic, the Leica S rests perfectly in your hands. Its center of gravity is positioned so as to prevent fatigue while you are working, as the camera is lighter than professional 35mm DSLRs at just 1260g (2.8 lbs.) (including battery) despite having an extremely robust magnesium body. In comparison with traditional medium-format system cameras, where a digital element had to be combined with an existing analog camera, the Leica S has the enormous advantage that all its components are perfectly placed. The result: perfect ergonomics.


    When you hold a Leica S in your hands, you find the controls exactly where you expect them to be. Its layout and design, similar to that of a classic 35mm SLR, ensuring intuitive handling in every respect, for instance by combining familiar elements like the shutter speed dial with state-of-art controls. Everything about the Leica S is dedicated to providing photographers with all the options they need for a spontaneous style of work.


    Although a digital system camera offers numerous functions and settings, everyday professional photography demands one thing in particular – the ability to concentrate on the picture you want. With this in mind, Leica developed an incomparably intuitive operating concept for the S that relies on an absolute minimum of control elements. The central controls on the Leica S are the shutter speed dial, the click wheel and the 5-way button, which can be reached comfortably with your right thumb. These controls allow the photographer to adjust the exposure setting and navigate the menus. In a nutshell: anyone holding a Leica S in their hands for the first time can rely completely on their intuition when getting to know its extensive range of functions. In fact, it sets entirely new standards in user-friendliness.

  • Camera type:   Digital medium-format single lens reflex camera for use with Leica S-Lenses.
    Image sensor Type:   Low Noise CCD-Sensor with microlenses and microlens shift
    Size:   30 × 45 mm (Leica Pro Format)
    Aspect ratio:   2:3
    Resolution:   37.5 megapixels
    Pixel pitch:   6 µm
    Dynamic range:   12 stops
    Color depth:   16 bits per pixel
    Color spaces:   sRGB, Adobe RGB, ECI RGB 2.0.
    White balance:   Presets: Daylight, cloudy, shade, incandescent, HMI, fluorescent warm, fluorescent cool, flash, grey card (determined from image) / automatic / color temperature (Kelvin)
    Low-pass filter / IR filter:   No / on sensor
    Moiré suppression:   In external image processing software (e.g. with the Adobe® Lightroom® software provided with the camera)
    Sensitivity range:   ISO 100 to ISO 1600 (manually or automatically controlled)
    Lens mount:   Leica S-Bayonet for Leica S-Lenses
    Focal length:   Dependent on Leica S-Lens attached, conversion factor to 35 mm film equivalent 0.8×
    Focusing Type:   Predictive AF with center cross-sensor defined by cross-hairs on the focusing screen, focusing drive integrated in lenses
    AF modes:   Selectable modes AF s (single) = focus priority, AF c (continuous) = release priority, MF (manual), manual override of AF settings possible at all times
    AF memory:   Second resistance point hold on shutter release, lock for single exposure or constant by setting with 5-way control
    Manual focus:   With lens focusing ring
    Exposure metering:   Exposure metering through the lens (TTL)
    Metering modes:   Multi-segment metering (5 fields), center-weighted integral metering, selective (spot) metering (3.5% of image frame)

    AE lock:


    Second resistance point hold on shutter release, lock for single exposure or constant by setting with 5-way control

    Metering range:   (at f/2.5 and ISO 100) Spot metering: EV 2.7 - 20, center-weighted and multi-segment metering: EV 1.2 - 20, warning signal in viewfinder when out of metering range, multi-field photodiode metering cell for available light (continuous light metering)
    Exposure control:   Program AE (with shift function) (P), shutter priority AE (T), aperture priority AE (A), manual metering (M)
    Exposure compensation:   ± 3 EV in half-EV increments
    Bracketing (AEB):   3/5 exposures (automatic/manual) / ½, 1, 2, 3 stops, depending on mode setting, variation of exposures with aperture or shutter speed
    ISO sensitivity:   ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800, ISO1600, automatic control
    Shutter:   Selectable with main switch
    Type:   In-camera: Microprocessor-controlled, metal-blade, vertical focal-plane shutter
    Shutter speeds:   Manual setting (T and M modes): 6s to 1/4000 s in half-speed increments, time exposure (B mode): up to max. 125 s, flash sync speed 1/125 s, automatic (A and P modes): continuous from 32 s to 1/4000 s
    CS shutter option:   Optional central shutter in Leica S-Lenses (CS versions)
    CS shutter speeds:   Manual setting (T and M modes): 6s to 1/1000 s in half-speed increments, flash sync at all speeds, automatic (A and P modes): continuous from 8 s to 1/1000 s
    Linear flash mode:   Faster sync speeds than 1/125 s possible with Leica SF 58 flash unit and HSS-capable SCA 3002 flashes
    Continuous shooting:   ~ 1.5 fps
    Release button:   3-step; activation of metering and AF functions, AE/AF lock, shutter release
    Self-timer:   Selectable delay, 2 s or 12 s, activation signaled by flashing LED on front of camera and display on monitor
    Mirror pre-release:   1st release: Mirror flips up, locks in up position, aperture closes to selected value, 2nd release: Shutter releases, exposure, mirror returns
    Viewfinder Type:   Pentaprism viewfinder with high-eyepoint eyepiece, LCD bar below viewfinder image, illuminated and with displays/warnings
    Magnification:   0.87× (with 70 mm lens at infinity)
    Viewfinder coverage:   ~ 98%
    Dioptre compensation:   –3 to +1 diopters
    Focusing screen:   Interchangeable, ground glass screen with microprism ring and split image (standard), full ground glass screen with cross-hairs (optional accessory), full ground glass screen with engraved grid (optional accessory)
    Displays Type:   Full-color, self-illuminating, top-deck panel (OLED), (OLED), monitor screen
    Monitor screen:   3-inch TFT-LCD monitor screen with 921,600 pixels, 16 million colors, sRGB color space, image field ~ 100%, maximum oblique viewing angle 170°
    Protective cover:   Anti-reflex/dirt-repellent protective glass cover in scratch-resistant Corning®Gorilla®Glass
    Flash Connection:   Hot shoe with central contact and dedicated control contacts, LEMO® or standard flash connection sockets without control of flash power, standard flash sync socket
        TTL (multi-segment, selective, center-weighted)
    Compatibility:   Full compatibility with Leica SF 58 and flash units with SCA3002 adapters
        1/125 s (body FPS) / 1/1000 s (lens CS), sync at all slower speeds, choice of first or second curtain sync; FPS flash sync at faster shutter speeds (1/180 s-1/4000 s) possible with suitably equipped flash units (HSS mode)
    Flash exposure correction:   ± 3 EV in ½ EV increments
    Second curtain sync:   Yes
    Flash metering cell:   Multi-field photodiode
    Strobe flash mode:   Automatic adjustment of shutter speed in exposure modes P and A
    Displays in flash mode:   Flash-ready signaled by flashing/constant flash symbol in viewfinder
    Flash reflector angle:   Automatic adaptation to focal length of lens attached with Leica SF58 flash unit or system-compatible flash units with motorized zoom reflector
    Exposure modes:   Single frame, continuous, self-timer 2 s (with mirror pre-release), self-timer 12 s (with mirror pre-release)
    Image file formats:   DNG 5000 × 7500 pixels, 37.5 MP, ~ 72 MB per image, lossless compressed DNG (7500 × 5000 pixels, ~ 42 MB per image), JPEG (7500 × 5000 pixels, in three resolutions, 37.5, 9.3, 2.3 megapixels, ~ 1-16 MB per image, depending on resolution and image content)
    Maximum frame rate:   1.5 fps.
    Buffer memory:   DNG max. 28 images, DNG compressed max. 32 images, JPEG no limit
    Simultaneous recording in DNG and JPG possible:   Yes, arbitrary combinations of DNG and JPEG, various formats on different memory cards (e.g. DNG on CF card, JPEG on SD card)
    Storage options:   SD card (SD cards to 2 GB max., SDHC card to 32 GB max., SDXC card), Compact Flash card (UDMA7), external transfer to PC hard disk
    Review formats:   Single frame with exposure parameters, single frame, 4 thumbnails, 9 thumbnails, loupe function
    Zoom magnifier in review mode:   4-step loupe function, pixel-level magnification, 100% view by longer pressure on clickwheel
    Delete protection:   Delete protect for individual images
    Menu categories:   Camera, Image, Setup, Play
    Menu languages:   9 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese
    Firmware update:   User upload option
    GPS:   Selectable (may not be available in all countries due to local legislation) - forced deactivation possible, positioning data recorded in the Exif data of image files
    Date/time:   User setting option, automatic date-, time- and time zone-synchronization with activated GPS module
    Levelling:   Acceleration-sensor controlled determination, range: Pitch (lateral axis) and tilt (longitudinal axis) ± 90°, accuracy / display sensitivity <1° at 0-40°C (32 -104°F) ambient temperature, displayed on monitor
    Interfaces:   ISO hot shoe, High-speed USB 2.0 (LEMO socket with strain relief, cable included in package). HDMI Type C socket, remote release, X-flash sync, SCA3002, 7-pin LEMO flash connection socket, interface for Leica multifunctional handgrip-S
    Other:   OS compatibility
    Systems:   Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7® Apple Macintosh upwards from MAC OSX® 10.5
    Software package:   Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® and Leica Image Shuttle 2, downloadable from the Leica Owners Area after product registration
    Power supply On/off:   Main switch on top deck, selectable automatic sleep mode after ~ 2, 5, or 10 minutes
    Battery:   Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, nominal voltage 7.4 V, capacity 2100 mAh
    Battery-independent power supply:   With Leica AC-Adapter S (optional accessory)
    Battery level display:   In top deck OLED panel
    Power-saving options (sleep function):   4 steps, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, off
    Power supply and battery charger:   Rapid charger S (with integrated US mains plug, interchangeable EU, UK, and AUS plugs, and car adapter) Inputs: 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, automatic adaptation, or 12/24 V DC; output: 7.4 V DC, 1250 mA
    Body construction:   Full-metal chassis in die cast aluminum with high-grip plastic coating, magnesium alloy top deck, base plate in glass-fiber reinforced polycarbonate
    Operating conditions:   0 to +45°C (32 to 113°F), 15–80% relative humidity
    Dimensions (W × H × D):   160 × 80 × 120 mm (6.29 x 4.72 x 3.15 in) 1260 g / 2.78 lbs (body only, with battery)
    Dust proof/splash proof:   Yes / yes
    Tripod thread:   1/4-inch and 3/8-inch bushes, with locator holes for anti-twist locking pins
    Package content:   S-Body, rapid charger S (with integrated US mains plug, interchangeable EU, UK, and AUS plugs, and car adapter), rechargeable lithium -ion battery, LEMO® USB cable, LEMO® flash sync cable, carrying strap, bayonet cap, eyepiece cap
    Optional Flash:   Leica SF58, Leica SF58 Diffuser
    Other:   Leica multifunctional handgrip S, Leica hand strap S, professional charger S, Leica AC adapter S, Leica case S, Leica HDMI cable, Leica grid focusing screen S, Leica microprism focusing screen S, Leica standard focusing screen S, Leica remote release cable S, Leica S-Adapter H/V/M645/P67
    Service Packages:   Leica Protection Plan Body (included in price) Leica Protection Plan Lens (optional) Leica Protection Plan Vario Lens (optional) Leica Protection Plan CS Lens (optional)
  • Image angle approx. 42° / 35° / 24°(diagonal, horizontal, vertical), corresponds to approx. 56 mm focal length in 35 mm format
    Optical design
    Number of lenses / groups 8 / 6
    Position of entrance pupil 26,7 mm
    Focusing range 0,5 m to 8
    Scales Combined meter/feet graduation
    Smallest object field 142 mm × 212 mm
    Largest reproduction ratio 1 : 4,7
    Setting / Function Electronically controlled diaphragm, set using setting/ selection dial on camera, including half values
    Lowest value 22
    Bayonet Leica S bayonet
    Filter mount / Lens hood External bayonet for lens hood (included), internal thread for E82 filter, filter mount does not rotate
    Length to bayonet mount approx. 93 / 151 mm (without / with lens hood)
    Largest diameter approx. 90 / 117 mm (without / with lens hood)
    Weight approx. 740 / 890 g (without / with central shutter)