Leica Store Miami Virtual Artist Talk with Cheryle Galloway and Jade Lilly | Thursday, March 25th, 2021 | 7:30pm

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Join Leica Store Miami for a virtual artist discussion with photographers Cheryle Galloway and Jade Lilly on March 25th, 2021 at 7:30pm.  

This talk will not only feature work of both artists, but will also be structured as an interview style discussion. By giving feedback to each other's experiences of working in the photographic industry, they will shed light on the depths of their conceptual ideas within their collections. In their own ways, the portrayal of a black woman's identity is a strong motif of their work, whether it is the depiction of themselves, or others. 

Jade Lilly

Miami-based Creative Director/Photographer Jade Lilly aka “ShootMeJade” is known for her signature transcendent style. Through a combination of lighting, editing and direction, Jade and her subjects create a sense of the divine on earth; all the while highlighting powerful narratives for purpose. Jade started her career photographing bloggers, but her mission evolved rapidly. She says “I’d always been into visuals and aesthetics, but noticed there wasn’t a lot of representation.” With that purpose in mind, Jade began creating multiple projects that aligned with her mission of representation for the Black Woman in today’s world. She currently travels all over the United States to photograph and creative direct for multiple brands, individuals, and organizations.

“I want to help with the narrative of the Black Woman’s world and essence. I love that there is always a learning experience within the campaigns and projects that I create. I’m grateful to be a middleman for people and stories that may not have had a voice otherwise, to bring awareness to issues outside of myself that are bigger than the art.

Jade’s photographs have been displayed in multiple galleries and establishments including N’Namdi Contemporary Miami, The Bakehouse Art Complex, Harbourfront Centre, Faena Hotel Miami Beach, SLS Hotel South Beach, Delano South Beach, and multiple Art Basel mobile exhibits. Her work has also been featured in VOGUE Italia, GMARO Magazine, MALVIE Magazine, and Pussy Power House.  She is currently working with various Black-Owned brands and organizations. She is a co-founder and creative director for The Black Birth Experience, a nonprofit organization bringing awareness to the Black Birth Experience by honoring the work of Black Birth Workers and empowering the Black Birthing Community. 

“I want people to see themselves and their light in my photos, as well as create conversation around the issues that I choose to highlight, because conversation is a step toward change.”


Jade creates photos that allow people to see themselves and their own light, as well as creating conversations around the issues she’s chosen to highlight, she believes conversation is a step toward change.

To see more of Jade's work, check out her website and Instagram @shootmejade.



Cheryle Galloway

“I was born in 1981, in a newly-independent Zimbabwe, to parents of multiethnic background, including Shona, Indian, South African, Mozambican and Scottish. I was educated at an all-girls, Catholic school in Harare. In 2005, I moved to South Africa when the economic situation worsened in Zimbabwe. Subsequent moves to the US, Brazil and a return to the US in the shadow of the 2016 election, motherhood, enduring an increasingly controlling, mentally and emotionally abusive marriage; I had lost my sense of self and identity. The camera gave me a voice at a time when I felt I had lost mine."

Self-portraiture is a new genre for me. Prior to the pandemic my focus was on street, nature, landscape and portraits. I signed up for a Leica Akademie Masterclass on self-portraiture. The images practically created themselves. The story was there waiting for a way to express itself. This body of images explore forms of oppression, sexism, racism, colorism, classism and domination of one social group over another from the perspective of a woman from Africa with multicultural heritage living in a patriarchal America going through its own existential crisis. The play of light and shadow embodies the process of uncovering those paradigms and ideas of who we are and how we see ourselves in the world versus who the world tells us we are. I was searching for the answers to questions about femininity, womanhood, gendered roles, stereotypes of racial groups and the denial of individuality and humanity, the role of Catholic guilt as a form of control and conformity and the effects of these on the individual and the collective as a whole.” 

"Self-acceptance is the spiritual journey each soul must embark on to ultimately come home to themselves. Inspired by the poem “Love After Love” by Derek Walcott, this series of black and white images explore the road to self-love through discovery of one’s true nature, self-acceptance and soul integration. "


To see more of Cheryle's work, visit her website and Instagram @cheryle.g.galloway.


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