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Leica Thambar-M 90mm f/2.2

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  • Leica Camera is pleased to expand its line of classic lenses with the Leica Thambar-M 90mm f/2.2. First introduced in the mid-1930s where only about 3,000 units were produced, the new Thambar-M 90mm f/2.2 has the same optical design but a modified exterior. The lens still produces the same dreamy, soft focus look of the original 83-year old lens.

    The original Thambar (which comes from the Greek word for "blurred" or "out-of-focus") was designed with portraiture in mind, and has become an extremely collectible lens due to its low production numbers and unique rendering. The lens has two aperture scales, with one designed to be used when the included center filter is attached, which further increases the soft-focus effect.

    The Thambar’s distinctive, dreamily romantic look and bokeh are created by deliberately under-corrected spherical aberrations, along with a 20-bladed aperture for the circular rendition of out-of-focus highlights. Because the aberration increases towards the periphery of the optical system, both the extension of the depth of field and the degree of diffusion can be precisely controlled via the step-less aperture ring.

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    • Optical design similar to the original Thambar-M 9 cm f/2.2.
    • Lens elements are now single-coated to protect the glass from the elements and corrosion.
    • Ensures the same, distinctive dreamy, soft focus look and unmistakable bokeh.
    • Provides unmistakable imaging signature which cannot be reproduced by other lenses or digital processing.
    • Same proportions as original lens, with black paint finish and red and white aperture scales. Red scale applies when the included center spot filter is in place, for a more dramatic soft focus effect. When working without the center spot filter, the white aperture scale is used.
    • Meticulously crafted to the highest quality standards, with a primary focus on high-grade materials and durability.
    • Made in Germany, with a delivery scope that includes: metal lens hood, center spot glass filter with metal rim, metal lens cap and a hard leather case in vintage brown color – similar to the original.
  • Angle of View (for 35mm - diagonal, horizontal, vertical)
    approx. 27°, 23°, 15°
    Number of lenses/groups 4 / 3
    Position of entrance pupil 49.6mm (in the direction of light incidence behind the bayonet fitting contact area)
    Focusing Range
    1 meter to infinity
    Focusing Scale Meters
    Smallest object field / Biggest Scale
    approx. 215x322 mm/1:9.0 (for 35 mm: 24x36 mm)
    Aperture Setting No detent positions
    Aperture Range 2.2 - 2.6 or 9 - 25 (values in white: for use with the associated center spot filter)/2.3 - 6.3 (values in red: for use without the associated center spot filter)
    Bayonet Fitting
    Leica M quick-change bayonet with 6 bit lens identification bar code for digital M models
    Finish Black lacquered (Distance scale: silver)
    Filter mount / Lens Hood
    Internal thread for screw-on filter E49, center spot filter and push-on lens hood in the scope of delivery
    Dimension and weight:
    Length 90/110mm (with/without lens hood)
    Largest diameter approx. 57mm (without lens hood)
    Weight approx. 500 grams