Leica VF Magnifier 1.25x

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The Leica Viewing Magnifier M 1.25x is a small and practical accessory for all Leica M rangefinder cameras. By enlarging the viewfinder image by twenty-five percent, it facilitates image composition when using lenses with focal lengths of 50mm and upwards. At the same time, it also improves focusing accuracy by expanding the effective measuring base. Especially useful for the M line since the different viewfinder models offer different magnification ratios.

Made of black anodized aluminum, the viewing magnifier is screwed into the camera eyepiece. It also has a thread for correction lenses to compensate for vision defects.

The small accessory is secured with a chain and connected to the camera eyelet with spring catches. The viewing magnifier can be kept in its leather case with snap fastener and attached to the camera strap when not in use. The magnifier is thereby protected and is easily accessible whenever required.

*Please note that this doesn't work natively with the M10 and M11 generation cameras since the diameter of the viewfinder is larger than previous M cameras. In order to use this magnifier with either the M10 or M11, you will need the Leica M10 Eyepiece Thread Adapter.

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