LFI 02/2023 February

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  • Jakob Schnetz: A Reindeer and a burning Oil Drum. The German photographer has taken pictures in the coldest city in the world, Yakutsk in Siberia. They blur the definition between fiction and reality
  • Corentin Fohlen: Treasure Island. Life in Haiti is loaded with challenges – Fohlen’s haunting images take visual stock of the island nation, reflecting also on the past
  • Narelle Autio: Outback. Rich in contrasts, powerful colours and a surreal touch – the Australian photographer Narelle Autio captures the outback’s unique lighting
  • Florian W. Mueller: Anima. Look at them, they may soon all be gone: Florian W. Mueller’s elegant animal portraits are also an appeal for species protection
  • Jane Evelyn Atwood: Classic. Imbued with empathy, Jane Evelyn Atwood’s work deals with societal taboos. We review her life’s work, on the occasion of her 75th birthday
  • F/STOP: Summicron-SL 35 Asph and 50 f/2 Asph / Leica D-Lux 7 Edition 007 / En Vogue (II)

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