LFI 02/2024 February/March

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LFI 02/2024 February/March

  • Werner Bischof: Leica Classic. Photographer, Artist, Witness: with this title, the Ernst Leitz Museum in Wetzlar is presenting a grand retrospective. Our portfolio offers a first insight
  • Sacha Goldberger: Strong & Weak. The photographer’s reversed interpretation of scenes taken from Hitchcock films, draws attention to the relationship between the sexes
  • Phil Penman: New York. The pictures taken on the streets of the megacity manage to capture the American Zeitgeist in a very effective manner
  • Emile Ducke: Cold as a Weapon. We have reached the second winter of the Ukraine war, and the energy infrastructure is under attack. Emile Ducke’s images really get under the skin
  • Jamie Johnson: Irish Traveller Children. A childhood seemingly from another era: American photographer Jamie Johnson accompanies children of the “travelling folk” of Ireland
  • F/STOP: Leica Design / Underwater / C-41 Film

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