LFI 03/2022 April

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  • Thomas Hoepker: Leica Classic. On the occasion of a major retrospective at the Ernst Leitz Museum: a selection from the iconic treasure trove of pictures by Thomas Hoepker
  • Moises Saman: Stop Over. No home in sight? For many refugees, the unresolved residency status of their new lives in Jordan represent a daily struggle
  • Przemyslaw Mioduszewski: Iceland Ahoi! Humour meets fantasy: the Polish-born photographer’s new homeland of Iceland offers the perfect stage for detailed self-orchestrations
  • Sam Ferris: In Visible Light. The Australian photographer set out on foot and began to take pictures, hoping to truly find his place in his new home town of Sydney
  • Alexander Klang: Encounters. “I’m interested in the unexpected, even if it’s just a detail” – Alexander Klang captures forms of improvisation in his photographs
  • F/STOP: Leica Watches L1 and L2 / M Lenses (II) / L-Mount

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