LFI 04/2016 May/June

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Portfolio: Of the Field. Transient, fragile, morbid: Mike Tinney uses withered flowers to create minimalist yet romantic still lifes.

Reportage: Magic Mountain. Thousands of pilgrims and shamanistic rituals: Alejandro Cegarra documented the María Lionza cult at a mountain in northern Venezuela.

Reportage: Fly, Birdie, Fly! In his Magic Bird series, Jan Gott shows how people in Romania are once again finding a love of life, despite the ongoing precarious situation.

Portfolio: Out of the Blue. Underwater photography of quite a different kind: Deanna Templeton reveals sensitive images – a blend of nude photography and poetry.

Leica world: The APO-Vario-Elmarit-SL. Following the standard zoom lens, the new 90–280mm lens turns the Leica SL into a real camera system.

Leica world: Huawei P9. Stepping into new terrain: as a result of a collaboration with the Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, Leica is getting a foot in the smartphone business.

Leica world: My Lens. Small and compact: the Spanish photographer Julian Furones speaks about the Leica CL’s Summicron-C 40mm f/2.

Leica Classics: The Poetic Realist. He did not believe in the documentary power of photography – for him, the medium was a “process of revelation”. A homage to Piergorgio Branzi.

Project: Adieu Tristesse. A staged narrative: a visit to the cinema influenced Nan-Huang Cheng’s imagery.

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