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Portfolio: To Berlin with Love. The German capital with the charm of a provincial town, where lots of good friends live: Joachim Baldauf offers unusual perspectives.

Reportage: Happy Hippies. When the full moon shines: Matjaz Krivic has portrayed idealists, do-gooders and outsiders when they gather as the Rainbow Family.

Feature: Simulated History. Nowadays, Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin is a main tourist attraction. Actors recreate the scenario, and Michael Jungblut has photographed it.

Leica World: The Power of Two. When considering what to buy, the quality of the camera plays an increasingly important role in the choice of high-end smartphones. How does the Huawei P9 stand up to the test?

Leica World: Leica MP 1956. Even back in the era of the screw-mount Leica, Leitz created camera models designed especially for the requirements of press photographers. In the M series, this tradition first began with the Leica MP.

Leica World: Image Processing. For most photographers, the desktop computer plays a primary role in their working process. Could high-performance tablets with increasingly capable apps now challenge this position?

Essay: Unwanted. European colonialism still has an impact: thousands of Dominicans with Haitian roots have to spend time in camps.

Leica Classics: Capturing Time. “A good picture must also be a parable – deeply felt and emotionally condensed.” A homage to Evelyn Richter.

Theme: Monobloc. Jürgen Lindemann’s series dedicated to a popular piece of seating furniture: the stackable plastic chair.

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