LFI 07/2018 September

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  • Adrian Crispin: Next Stop Hollywood. “One click and he was wet”. The reportage and fashion photographer speaks about pools and celebrities
  • Roman Bezjak: Pyongyang. Order and discipline: the stories that architecture can tell – journey through an open-air museum of sorts
  • César Rodríguez: If Hell Existed. Caught in a vicious circle: farmers in the Mexican state of Guerrero make a living growing opium poppies
  • Bogdan Dziworski: Leica Classic. “If you are patient, the dance with reality begins” – homage to the exceptional Polish photographer
  • Ruben Tomas: Mosh. Glistening lights, flowers in her hair – a journey exploring both California and the fifties
  • S Magazine No. 10: Tom Munro. The S Magazine is celebrating 10 years of the S System with work by the photographer Tom Munro
  • F/STOP: Leica M10-P | L-Mount Alliance | Leica CL Silver | Leica App

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