LFI 2/2016 February/March

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  • Feature: Light Painting. Beautifully surreal: Nomi Baumgartl and Sven Nieder use atmospheric lighting to capture the beauty of the Arctic. 
  • Portfolio: Icebreaker. Ragnar Axelsson has been photographing the lifestyle of the Inuit of Greenland for over 30 years. 
  • Portfolio: Symptoms of Trauma. A train accident and its consequences in a Canadian village: Michel Huneault takes an insightful look. 
  • Homage: The Eye of Istanbul. The city as faithful motif and life’s work: Ara Güler has spent sixty years documenting Istanbul – a homage. 
  • Leica world: An interview with Leica’s CEO. Oliver Kaltner has been CEO of Leica Camera AG since April 2015. LFI spoke with Kaltner about his first impressions and new goals. 
  • Leica world: Leica D-Lux. Virtually eclipsed by the fireworks of Leica Q and SL news: Leica’s smartest compact camera. 
  • Leica world: Leica X-U (Typ 113). The X-U: the outdoor and underwater version of the Leica X (Typ 113). 
  • Leica world: LFI App: Version 3.0. All LFI issues since 1949 are now integrated into the latest version of the LFI App for iOS. 
  • Reportage: On the Border. Travelling through: Ciril Jazbec documents the passage of refugees through a Slovenian village. 
  • Leica Classics: Photographic Scores. Guy Le Querrec’s photographic career has always been driven by an eye defined by jazz. 
  • Project: City Stories. Moving quickly through the city: Marie Laigneau and her attempt to capture fugacity.

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