LockCircle Rod Runner 15mm Titanium Kit



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The RodRunner concept is an innovative approach to 15mm rods users. In a compact pocket size package a join-able 15mm rod system to reach several lengths normally used be run and gun filmmakers. The system is based on three different rods lengths (1", 2", 3")  that can be joined instantly with the Rod Joint to reach 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 inches without any tool. A Rod Cap offers also a nice looking of the RodRunner on your camera set-up.

Entirely manufactured with Genuine 5 Titanium, CNC machined and calibrated from billet titanium bars for a long lasting quality and toughness! Available also a RodRunner Extension Kit to reach every rod length from 1" to 14" increasing steps by 1"! 14 different sizes and combinations to reach the perfect 15mm rods set-up in a incredible small size package to carry around in your bag.


Complete 15mm Titanium Grade 5 rod kit, (2x) 3 inch rods
(2x) 2 inch rods/(2x) 1 inch rods/ (4x) Rod Joints/ (4x) Rod Caps

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