Oberwerth Louis M11 Visoflex Leather Camera Bag, Black with Red Stitching

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  • Louis Visoflex - The Unique One

    The Louis Visoflex camera bag was specially developed for photographers who frequently use their Leica M11 with the Visoflex electronic viewfinder and do not always want to remove the viewfinder when storing their camera. A specially designed padding has been developed to place the camera with the viewfinder stably in the bag and protect it from shocks.

    This case provides ideal comfort and protection for your M11 with electronic viewfinder. So the camera with viewfinder is always quickly at hand, but also just as quickly protected in this bag. The bag was developed according to the requirements and comments of Leica Stores and users on the basis of our proven M11 Louis and thought through to the smallest detail. For example, the bottom of the bag as well as the outer walls are heavily padded to minimize any damage caused by external influences such as hard impacts. The additional padding blocks ideally stabilize and protect the Visoflex.

    All other advantages are of course also part of this design: the freely adjustable divider in the large main compartment of the bag ensures order. The user can organize his equipment individually and customize the bag according to his wishes. For example, the M11 with a 35mm or 50mm lens attached to it and an additional 75mm or 90mm lens, for example, fit comfortably in the bag. The two internal drawers also provide storage space for SD card, filters and much more.

    The large front pocket offers further practical storage space for smaller personal items such as smartphones, batteries and chargers. On the back of the bag, notebooks or similar items can be easily stored in a separate compartment without the bag being too bulky.

    A small but useful bonus: all pads can be removed and it is then a compact SL2 bag, for SL equipment with a 24/70 or 24/90 lens.

    Just like its little brother Louis M11, the Louis Visoflex bag is handmade from 100% velvety-soft, tumbled cowhide and offers ideal carrying comfort thanks to the wide shoulder pad. The shoulder pad is freely adjustable on the cut-resistant strap and thus completely adaptable to your carrying habits. This guarantees optimal wearing comfort. Thanks to the length-adjustable strap, the bag can be worn over the shoulder as well as across the torso. The bag is available in black with fine red decorative stitching, and comes with a velvety red lining, which not only perfectly matches the Leica look, but also makes it easier for you to find any small parts inside the bag.

    So with Visoflex, you'll always have your camera at hand and never miss the perfect moment again.

    Of course, with this bag you also benefit from the lifetime Oberwerth warranty (after registration of the bag on oberwerth.com).

  • Features & Specs

    Louis Visoflex at a Glance

    • Compact format perfectly matched to the Leica M11 with Visoflex 2 Electronic Viewfinder
    • Perfect protection thanks to extra thick padding and perfectly matched, removable padded blocks
    • Individually organizable main compartment thanks to freely adjustable divider
    • Length-adjustable, robust and color-coordinated carrying strap with ergonomically shaped leather shoulder pad
    • Converts to a compact SL2 bag in a few easy steps
    • 100% full-grain, milled, velvety cowhide leather
    • LOXX® closure system protects against unauthorized access

    Dimensions & Weight

    • External Dimensions: 23 x 18 x 18 cm / 9.05 x 7.08 x 7.08 inch (WxHxD)
    • Internal Dimensions:  21 x 16 x 15 cm / 8.27 x 6.3 x 5.9 inch (WxHxD)
    • Weight: 950 grams

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