Thumbs Up CSEP-1S - Steel Grey



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Thumbs Up CSEP-1SSG.

This thumb rest has a new ergonomic profile (hence the "EP" designation). The thumb rest is now angled at 22 degrees, and the new shape distributes the pressure from your thumb more uniformly. This refinement allows you to hold your camera extremely rigidly, yet with great comfort. A line drawing better reveals the subtle change to the thumb rest.

Thumbs Up CSEP-1SSG is CNC machined from solid brass billet, and the cold shoe is an integral part of the complete assembly and cannot be removed – no screws, no joints and no glue ensure strength and longevity, and guarantee that your compositions will be accurate and repeatable every time. A silicon rubber insert provides a cushion between the camera body and your Thumbs Up CSEP-1SSG.

Thumbs Up CSEP-1SSG can be locked securely into place on your camera – which prevents it from moving when using external viewfinders, ensuring consistent, repeatable framing. The locking mechanism is concealed beneath the leaf spring, and is easily and quickly operated using the small Allen Hex wrench provided.

Thumbs Up CSEP-1SSG will fit the following Leica M models: M9, M8-2, M8, M8U, M7, M6, M6 TTL, M4, M3 and M2.

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