Thumbs Up EP-MX F (Flat Top) - Matte Black for Leica M10, M11, M11 Monochrom



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The updated Thumbs Up EP-MX F (Flat Top) in matte black is the perfect match for the matte black finish of the Leica M10, M10-P, M10-R, M10 Monochrom, M11, M11-P and M11 Monochrom.

The "flat top" model for the Leica M10 & M11 models eliminates the locking screw of the EP MX for a completely flush fit with the top of your camera.

Manufactured from solid brass, the fit and finish of the Thumbs Up EP-MX F is an excellent match for the Leica M10 & M11 cameras. The EP-MX is assembled with our traditional rubber insert which protects the camera body at critical points of contact. Thumbs Up provides exceptional one- handed stability and security while composing and shooting. Some Leica photographers have claimed to gain more than a full stop of exposure because of the improved stability and reduced gripping pressure provided with the use of Thumbs Up.

Any Thumbs Up movement is eliminated, making the EP-MX feel a solid part the M10 or M11 kit. There is no contact with delicate flash sync circuits. Thumbs Up positions the photographers hand in a natural position without the need for any strong gripping pressure. Camera shooting stability is improved and camera shake is reduced.

The Thumbs Up EP-MX is CNC machined from brass billet before being hand polished. This prepares the Thumbs Up for a baked enamel finish.

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