2019 Tariff Price Increase: All Products


On October 18, 2019, the United States Trade Representative imposed a new 25% tariff on select products imported from certain European Union countries including Germany, where the vast majority of Leica products are produced. As a result of the tariff, affected products including select photographic lenses and accessories produced in Leica’s Wetzlar, Germany factory are now subject to a price increase.

What does this mean for our Leica customers based in the United States? Affected, in-stock products, which were imported before the tariff took affect on October 18, will be available at current pricing until sold out. However, all affected products imported into the United States after the tariff took affect will be subject to increased pricing.

Listed below are in-stock, available products at pre-tariff pricing. For a complete list of affected products and their price increase, visit www.reddotforum.com.