French Kiss - Peter Turnley


Peter Turnley's new book, French Kiss – A Love Letter to Paris is an expression of moments of love in Paris; moments observed and loved in his adopted home over these past four decades. He has traveled around the world, and says with confidence, that there is nowhere on earth where one can see romance, love, tenderness and affection expressed so freely and so frequently as in the streets, riverbanks, cafes, restaurants and parks of Paris. Paris is the world capital of love! He  has the great fortune to know as close friends and mentors, many of the photographers that have expressed the romantic and humanistic realities of life in this city in the past. Since first arriving in Paris, he actively sought out to meet many of his heroes who have created the great photography of Paris in the twentieth century: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Edouard Boubat, André Kertész, Willy Ronis and others.  All of these people taught him through their vision that as visual communicators we don’t need to reinvent the world, we need simply to be able to see and feel the poetry and the magic of the world around us.

Edouard Boubat once whispered to Peter over a drink one afternoon, “Peter, if you keep your eyes and heart open, there is a gift waiting for you at the corner of every street.” As he has walked the streets of Paris now for decades, he has witnessed that the wonderful expression of love and romance seen everywhere and at every moment of the day is very much a reality of the present, as well as the past. With French Kiss – A Love Letter to Paris, he feels honored to continue to share with others the very vivid, vibrant, and living expression of the magnificent beauty of Paris.

To see more of Peter's work, visit his website.

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