SL-Camera Archive


Leica has a long history producing cameras and lenses. As new models have been introduced over the years, other ones are phased out. Such is the nature of technology. But these photographic tools have been built to last for so much longer than their initial production runs. They live on in the kits of photographers and continue to capture the wonderful images they were created for.  

And in addition to the generations of production-scale cameras and lenses, Leica has also been releasing limited-run special editions for decades. Often produced in limited numbers, many of these cameras, lenses and sets are highly coveted and sought after, by users and collectors alike.

We've consolidated both types of past models here for easy reference, presenting you with a snapshot of how we listed these items when they were new.

Please keep in mind, these listings are no longer available for purchase or pre-order. You can always check out the Used section of our website to see if we have any pre-owned models for sale.