Tim Breaseale


We have Tim Breaseale to thank for all the product photography on our website! Tim was our very first employee and has been with Dale Photo & Digital and Leica Store Miami since 2009.
His professional photography journey started in 1996 working on the Jacksonville State University’s yearbook and school newspaper. He graduated from JSU with a double concentration in photography and graphic design.  Since graduation, he has been a full-time photographer photographing portraits, sports, environments, products, and lifestyles. Some notable gigs would be NASCAR, Pisco Portón, Airstream, Coke Cola Magazine, Shoot Miami Magazine, and of course Leica Store Miami.  
When he’s not out shooting, you can find him on his mountain bike or out on a hike with his wife.

tim@leicastoremiami.com   |   IG @timb70mm   |   www.timbreaseale.com



My favorite thing that nobody knows about…

Between 2007 and 2010, I was part of a foundation that helped train scientists and college students in photography. The photography helped document endangered species and the decline of the Amazonian rainforest. This is also where I met my wife.

A Leica special edition that I fantasize about...

I would love to have a Leica M10-P ‘Safari’ with matching 50mm and 28mm Summicrons.

Most popular lens in my Lightroom Catalog...

I started using Lightroom in beta form when it came out in 2006. The #1 most used lens was my Canon 24-70 f/2,8L. Since I no longer shoot Canon gear, the #2 most used lens is the Zeiss 50mm Milvus f/2 Macro. This Lens is attached to a Leica SL2-S and is what I use to capture all the images of the new and used gear for LSM. The #3 lens showing up in my Lr catalog is the Leica 24-70 Vario-Elmarit-SL ASPH.

The camera bag I swear by...

The camera bag, at the moment, that I use the most is F-Stop Gear’s Guru 25L Ultra-Light Travel and Sports backpack. This bag is super light. I have small and medium inserts and swap them out depending on what activity I am doing. This bag fits me well and stays in place when I am on the mountain bike. It even has a dedicated sleeve for my hydration bladder.

If I’m traveling light, I’ll bring...

Whether I’m on my mountain bike or on a hike, I like to travel lightly. One of the best things I carry with me is a mini tripod. I use the Leofoto MT-03+LH-25 mini tripod with mini ball head. This tripod is very compact, lightweight, and doesn’t take up much space.

The carrying strap that changed my life….

I was thrilled when Peak Design came out with the Slide strap. That changed the way I shoot for sure. It is so great to quickly take off the strap and mount the camera to a tripod for studio work without having to deal with a strap getting in your way and always covering the viewfinder. And it’s just as quick to attach the strap back to the camera for street photography or a walkabout. I now use the Slide Lite strap on all my cameras.

My favorite place to shoot...

Picking one favorite place to shoot is very hard. I will just say that I enjoy hiking up in the mountains and doing macro photography along the way. But I do like to people-watch and busy city streets or festivals are a great place for portraits too.



A Few of My Favorite Things: