Arte di Mano Custom Ordering


JnK, the artisan workshop located in South Korea, which produces the Arte di Mano line, offers numerous customizing options for their half cases and carrying straps. With nearly a hundred different leather options, the possibilities are endless. 

To place a custom order or if you have any questions, please email


Head to our Arte di Mano Inspiration page to see samples of what others have done. 

Back Flap 

(Add $80) Add a detachable back flap to your half case to protect your LCD screen. 

Battery Door

(Add $80) Add a battery access door to your half case. 

Battery Door

Lens Cover

(Additional cost varies.) For many cameras, JnK offers a protective lens cover. 

Lens Cover

Strap Lengths

The standard Arte di Mano strap measures 98cm and the extra-long measures 120cm, however, you can order a custom strap any length you would like! The cost varies depending on the length and type of leather, but generally, an extra-long strap costs $10 more than a regular-length strap. Please be aware that length is limited by the size of the leather hide. For most leathers, the longest possible length is about 130cm.

Contrast Stitching

Make your Leica's red dot pop with red stitching, or compliment a navy blue leather with yellow thread. The color combinations are endless. 


(Add $10) Personalize your half case by engraving your name or initials. Below are the available font options.

ADM Fonts

Built-In "Aventino" Hand Grip

(Add $100) Add extra grip to your Leica. 


Leather Options

Below are available leathers for custom ordering. For more information and additional images of the leather options, visit JnK's website


MINERVA BOX  |  By Badalassi Carlo. Soft vegetable-tanned, Italian leather. Matte finish with milling.

RALLY  |  By Ausonia. Soft vegetable-tanned, Italian leather. Matte finish with milling and paraffin.

BUTTERO  |  By Conceria Walpier. Hard, vegetable-tanned, Italian leather with a smooth, matte finish.

PUEBLO  |  By Badalassi Carlo. Hard, vegetable-tanned, Italian leather. Artistic matte finish with "scratched" texture. Add $10.

BARENIA  |  By Haas. Soft, hybrid-tanned leather. Matte, oily, waxy finish. Made popular by Hermes. Add $20.

BRIDLE  |  Hard, vegetable-tanned, English leather. Matte, waxy finish. Add $30. 


SHRUNKEN CALF  |  By Lederfabrik Perlinger. Soft, chrome-tanned, German leather similar to Hermes' Togo leather. Matte finish with natural shruken embossing. Add $20.

LIZARD  |  First grade, glossy, genuine lizard skin. Add $150. 

HORWEEN  |  Hard, vegetable-tanned leather from USA. Glossy, waxy finish. Add $250.  **Limited to Availability* 

OSTRICH  |  Genuine African ostrich. First grade. Add $350.

NILE CROCODILE  |  By Heng Long. 1st Grade Genuine Nile Crocodile. Matte finish. Belly cut. Add $550.